A Day in the Life of an Electrical Contractor in Birmingham

One of the things the Contract Labour Solutions team enjoys about the work we do is that it’s different every single day. Every day you have to think on your feet. And you need to be able to keep the plates spinning, even when it looks like they’re about to come crashing to the ground.

As a local electrical contractor, we’re the ones that get the call if Birmingham businesses experience a power outage. We’ll have to manage the day’s work despite the fact that there’s a big emergency repair job come in. Then we’ll be working over the weekend so we can complete an electrical fit out before work starts again on Monday.

The weird thing is, we wouldn’t change it for the world. Because it’s what we do; it’s how we build the trust of our customers, and every job teaches us something new about the work we’ve chosen.

What Does an Electrical Contractor Do in a Day?

A good electrical contractor can be relied upon to provide specialist electrical skills across the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. There’s crossovers between the three, but the scale of the work, the skill set, and the kinds of work we’re asked to do is different. On any given day, these are just some of the tasks we would expect to be managing for our Birmingham clients:

1. Domestic Electrical Contractors

  • Refurbishment. Often we install the electrics in new builds, or newly refurbished apartments.
  • Lighting Design. We may be asked to create the lighting design and install it in new homes and luxury apartments.
  • Alarm Systems. For peace of mind, you need a professional to install your alarm system. We carry out security installations, and regular testing in a range of domestic settings.

2. Commercial Electrical Contractors

  • Energy Efficient Lighting. Lots of businesses are stripping out their old lighting systems, and fitting LED replacements. Often we design and install the electrics.
  • Electrical Fit Out. We install the electrics for shops, hotels, banks and even the Library of Birmingham. On fit outs we’re normally working alongside other contractors to a tight deadline.
  • UPS Systems Installation. More and more businesses are getting wise to the fact they need this. A UPS system provides a power backup if the mains is cut.

3. Industrial Electrical Contractors

  • PAT Testing. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) needs to be carried out on any appliances used in the workplace. For small offices, it’s the kettle. For industrial workplaces it’s large pieces of machinery in daily use.
  • Testing and Maintenance. The priority for all our industrial clients is to minimise the risk of downtime. We help with that task by providing regular, scheduled testing and maintenance.
  • Emergency Repairs. In addition to regular maintenance, our industrial clients need to know that if they need an emergency repair, we will get someone to them immediately. Not only that, but we’ll send someone with knowledge of the environment and install they’ll be working with.

Contract Labour Solutions is an Electrical Contractor for Birmingham

CLS is building itself a reputation for being a skilled and reliable electrical contractor, providing friendly, professional electrical engineers who’re able to work independently, or as part of a team. Our goal is to be the ‘go to’ electrical contractor for Birmingham, which means proving ourselves on absolutely every job whatever the sector. And we’re getting there. So, however crazy the day – we’re happy to keep on juggling, and delivering quality services across the city.

If you require electrical services in the commercial, domestic or industrial sector, call Contract Labour Solutions on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060